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                            Leo Hong Mao

"I paint because this is my life

and my spirit."

  •   I am the poet of nature. I turned the beauty of the moment into the eternity of color and gave her life and soul. Like my child, she flew black charcoal lines from the white canvas, moving and dancing, then the first color matched, and then changed into the whole colorful text. She seems to have gone from a tiny seed to a lively and charming little life. In the deepening of color, she also continues to grow up, from adolescence to youth then to the best moment of life, the most spectacular moment of her life. Such lovely moments are what I would like to show on the canvas. Carrying on my wishes she will bloom her most beautiful moment in front of the world.

        Ph: ( 937) 516-3390   Email:

          Instagram: leohongmao

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