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    Throughout his distinguished career as an artist, Leo Hong Mao has been a candid spokesman for the Great Manner, a certain mingling of virtuosity and unrestrained joy in art. Leo understands that the best things in life are all invisible.

Laughter, love, wind, the spirit, life itself---all are visible only through the things they animate. Leo’s paintings somehow capture not just visible objects but also the invisible vital forces that animate them. Looking at his paintings of trees, you can hear the breeze moving through their branches; looking at his portraits “ Wu Wei“, you see not just a face but a living, breathing unique personality; looking at his painting of “Sunflower”, you see the vitality of life.

Since 1991, Leo has had numerous one-man shows and painted over 60 works of his art. His style has changed gradually through past three decades of dedication to excellence in art. Leo once said to his art lovers that observation is the key to painting and also relaxation. Leo’s messages are aimed at repealing modernism, and restoring moral health through the trinity of nature, nationalism, and godliness.

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